“Can Faustino, is primarily a house that touches the heart, and inviting you to dream. Dreaming revive a palace overlooking the Mediterranean from the historic center of Ciutadella. The dream of a collaboration with Putman study whose many achievements have fueled my imagination. The dream finally receiving our guests as friends in a residence on a human scale.
We wanted to turn the place into the sea, highlighting its courtyard, which is enriched with a pool and a restaurant, where our kitchen sublime an abundance of local products with the majesty of the sea and fruits of a rich land of a thousand flavors .
To shape the space, we think long breakfast on the terrace, dinner under the stars by candlelight wing, with lovely beaches on the island with our boat Hermine and Heloise views…
It is here at Can Faustino, where Terra e Mare began his career as narrators of experiences. “


Laurent Morel-Ruymen


“We go into a place like a story, which is set and appropriate, that is part of us, and we are part of it in the heart of the island of Menorca, virgin violations aggressive modernity and mass tourism , a space overlooking the harbor, where time stands still, a haven of greenery, water, light and silence is opened. There is a palace of the eighteenth century which inevitably invites you to dream, relax and wander.
An almost monastic place that calls a transfiguration. I wanted to infuse a part of modernity that complete, taking advantage of their pure spaces, sober grandeur and placing materials, colors and forms that reveal their quiet beauty.
It’s all about respect, balance. It seems essential to build a harmony between environment and what it evokes, to recover a portion of authenticity where excellence will perhaps find its measure. Combining contemporary in a place full of history driven by the challenge of reinvention, we find the singular warmth emanating sublimate and I wanted to find within ourselves “.Olivia Putman


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