The website acceded at https://www.mareeterra.com (hereinafter called “Site”) is a publication of the venture :
The CEO of Site publication is: Laurent Morel – Ruymen. The Site is hosted by OVH SL. The access and the use of the Site are tied to the terms and conditions of use detailed below. The user access and site surfing involves the unconditional acceptation of the following details.




The Site as a whole and each of its components (including texts, graphics, trees, software, animations, pictures, photos, illustrations, videos, editorial representations or graphics, logos, etc.) are protected work by the intellectual property Code as well as any other international legislation applicable. MARE E TERRA is only allowed to use (directly or by authorisations or licences) site components, domain’s names, brands, models, etc. As well as images and editorial content reproduced there. The Site total or partial use, including downloads, reproductions, transmissions, representations or distributions, apart from the purpose to consulting and use it in a personal and private way in a non commercial way, it is forbidden. The violation of those dispositions exposes to its author to the Intellectual Property Code penalties with special agreement, copyrights infraction, brand rights by the Civil Code in civil responsibilities. The creation of any hypertext or component link to any website is forbidden without a previous written agreement consented by MARE E TERRA. The authorisation can be revoked in any moment. The whole content, or any other website with any hyperlink directed to the Site or any of its components are not under MARE E TERRA control therefore MARE E TERRA does not accept its access and its contents responsibility (editorial responsibility included).




MARE E TERRA makes a constant effort to make the Site available permanently but the venture has not the obligation to achieve it. MARE E TERRA can interrupt the Site access due to maintenance, actualization or any other reason as technical or editorial ones without the need to notice it previously. MARE E TERRA is not responsible of consequences derived of those interruptions. Moreover, MARE E TERRA is not responsible if users cannot access to some or any part of the Site due to technical error or any kind of problem, including ones related to the following ones:

– Internet error and/or congestion.

– Internet service providers’ unfulfilment

– Human or electric error

– Malicious intervention

– All Software or hardware functioning error.

– Case of force majeure.




MARE E TERRA makes an effort to guarantee the maximum accuracy and actualization of information spread in the Site, and the company reserves itself the rights to modify the content in any moment and without notice it previously.

Nevertheless MARE E TERRA cannot guarantee the exactitude, accuracy and exhaustiveness of the information available in the Site. The information is not a guarantee or compromise by MARE E TERRA respect to Internet. Particularly, MARE E TERRA is not responsible of:

–       Any inaccuracy or omission of the information detailed above.

–       Any damage occurred due to informatics intrusion by a third party which causes a modification of this information.

–       And, generally, any damage, direct or indirect, not matter the cause, origin, nature and consequences related to the access (or the impossibility to access to the Site), the content, the Site use and/or credence given to any information appearing in the Site.